Welcome to Disney and Steiff

It all began in the fall of 1988, when WDW hosted its 1st Annual Teddy Bear Convention held at Epcot Dec 7th-11th. Teddy Bear makers from around the world were invited to create a special piece just for the event.

The turn-out was great and truly was the start of a great run of yearly events. The following year doll makers were invited to the event and they along with teddy bear makers showcased special edition pieces.

Disneyland saw the success of the Walt Disney World Conventions and decided to hold their own events starting in 1992. It didn't go over well, and lasted for only 2 years.

As the years went on, Disney/Steiff convention pieces became one of the most popular collectibles and continue to be in great demand up to today.

The events ran from 1998 until it's conclusion in 2008. Walt Disney World decided that other attractions needed to be held, so the Teddy Bear & Doll Conventions sadly came to an end.