Makers Marks on Soda Fountain Glasses
Listed below are the markings on the bottoms of soda glasses used to identify the manufacturer. This is not a complete list,
but contains some of the most popular markings found on most vintage soda  glasses. 

Makers Mark




Dominican Glass Co. Ltd.

Upper case D - from Dominican Glass Co. in Canada. Dominion Glass Company Ltd.

Dominion Glass was a major Canadian glassmaker with product lines ranging from bottles & jars to pressed tableware and art glass. In its early years, it was a corporation that grew through multiple takeovers of smaller firms, and the original company was the Foster Brothers Glass Works in Quebec established in 1855.

Renamed in 1890 to the Diamond Glass Company Ltd., more acquisitions meant that the company operated plants in Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario. New ownership was the reason for a name change to the Diamond Flint Glass Company Ltd. in 1903. Previously in 1897, Diamond Glass had acquired a small Montreal company called Dominion Glass, which had been in operation since about 1885. This name was adopted eventually by Diamond, and 1913 finally saw the incorporation of the new Dominion Glass Company Ltd.

Federal Glass Company

F in a shield (shown)......Federal Glass Company, Columbus, OH (1901-1980). Mark first used in 1932. Earlier Federal glasses like Coca-Cola had the shield but not the F in the middle of it.

Hazel Atlas


Uppercase "H" above smaller uppercase "A"

Libbey ( older ) Script uppercase "L" in circle - backwards when viewed from the base
Script uppercase "L" - backwards when viewed from the base


Libbey ( newer )

Script uppercase 'L"
Script uppercase "L" - number to the left of letter
Script uppercase "L" - number below letter

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