Western Publishing

Western Publishing, also known as "Western Printing and Lithographing Co." was a large publishing company that put out books, magazines, comic books and other items. The company no longer exists. It was established in 1907 as "West Side Printing Company", changing its name in 1910. The firm was based in Racine, WI, with editorial offices in both New York and Los Angeles, and another printing plant in Poughkeepsie, NY. In 1915 the company bought out Chicago publisher Hamming-Whitman Publishing Co, which became their subsidiary Whitman Publishing Company. Another subsidiary was "K.K. Publications", named after Kay Kamen, head of character merchandising at Walt Disney Studios from 1933-1949. K.K. Publications seemed to have ended in the mid/late 1960s.

Most people are unaware of Western Publishing, because everything they published was under other names (Whitman, Golden, etc). They produced comic books, a wide-range of children's books, and some adult books, many of them distributed outside the normal publication channels.

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