Alaska Yukon Sourdough Stampede

The great rush to the Arctic between 1898 and 1903 resulted in friendships that refused to end with time. Thirty years after the Big Rush, a number of clubs had been formed to keep alive the exciting memories of the Arctic.

The first joint meeting of these clubs was held in Seattle in 1929. It was hosted by the Alaska Yukon Pioneers Cabin #1 and the ladies of the Golden North. It was called a “Stampede”.

In 1930, the meeting was sponsored by the Vancouver Yukoners Association and held in Vancouver, B.C. At that meeting the group voted to organize and appointed a committee to prepare by-laws.

The Portland Alaska-Yukon Society sponsored the next meeting in Portland in 1931. It was decided to change the name from “Stampede” to “International Sourdough Reunion, Inc.” By-laws were drawn up.

In 1932, a most colorful convention was held in Calgary, Canada. The by-laws were adopted and officers were elected. The name “International Sourdough Reunion, Inc.” was officially adopted, and the Reunion was incorporated under the laws of Washington State with copies filed in Ontario, Canada. At this meeting Lulu Fairbanks was elected secretary and remained in this office until her death in 1967.

By 1977, the ISR membership had increased to fifteen affiliated clubs.

Sourdough Stampede 1929


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